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Retirement Planning

Start your retirement planning now

Here’s your opportunity to secure your future after retirement by setting your goals and making decisions as well as taking actions to achieve with the help of our experts. Start early and retire happy!

Your retirement period may not be for another decade or so, but investing in a retirement plan should be done as early as you can. Starting early allows you to save up for the future so you can retire freely with no worries about the financial stability of you and your family. Even in retirement, your savings will help support the family and will allow you to provide for them even as they lose a source of income. A good retirement plan also lets you enjoy simple but well-deserved luxuries in life after years of working and providing for the family.

At Rainbow Financial, we understand the need for many Filipinos to have a secure future for their family and for themselves. We have partnered with the best life insurance providers in the Philippines in order for you to choose the best plan for your retirement. Compare life insurance through our platform and exercise the power of your choice!

Education Planning

Support your children’s education

Secure the future of your children and make your dreams come true by setting the right goals, making the right decisions and taking the right decisions to invest your savings with the help of our experts. Start now and ensure a bright future for your loved ones!

Like the old saying goes, our children are the future of this country. The little kids we see playing around now could become doctors, teachers, engineers, and lawyers. That is why every Filipino parent knows that their children deserve quality education. Getting them the education they need to achieve their degrees can help them in reaching their dreams and having their desired careers. It is important that parents support their children’s education and invest in their schooling so that they may grow to become educated, socially aware, and successful adults.

Rainbow Financial aims to help parents who are struggling to support their child’s education. By partnering with personal loan providers in the Philippines, we help you in ensuring your child is one step closer to achieving their dreams. Compare personal loans today and support your child’s education!

Investment Planning

Invest in your family’s future

Make your dreams come true by setting SMART goals in life, making suitable decisions and taking the right actions to achieve them and make the future bright for you and your family. We will help you make the best use of your resources to realize those dreams in your life as well as improve your living and lifestyle.

As a family-oriented culture, Filipinos value the importance of protecting the family and maintaining a comfortable lifestyle for them. There is always the need to make sure the family is covered should anything happen to one of the members, that they are able to put a roof on their heads, and that they live with little financial worries as possible. Investing in various financial products can help in assuring stability of the family and preparing for unforeseen circumstances without uprooting the family’s way of life.

Rainbow Financial is partnered with different Philippine-based providers of life insurance, health insurance, personal loans, and credit cards that can help in making sure caring for the family is financially lighter. We aim to ease your family’s financial burdens by allowing you to compare these products to choose the best investment for your needs and your family’s. Compare different products in just a few easy steps!